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Automated parcel terminal ESI PST for receiving and issuing electronics for repair

Based on the ESI PST automated parcel terminals, we have developed an automated point for receiving and issuing equipment and electronics for repair.

Automated parcel terminals features:
  • The acceptance process of equipment is recorded on a wide-angle dome camera to eliminate misunderstandings between the client and the company.
  • For convenience a retractable shelf has been developed.
  • For storage of equipment, 22 cells are used, which are closed with reliable electromechanical locks.
  • Automated parcel terminal can accept payment both in cash and non-cash - by bank card or by FPSBuilt-in duplicator for copying intercom keys of various types.
  • The automated parcel terminals integrated into the customer's system via API.
  • Clients have access to a mobile application for placing an order, paying and receiving notifications of readiness and a PIN code to receive a finished order
  • At the top of the device there is a light box - a light panel for applying advertising inscriptions.
  • The ESI PST is painted in the customer's corporate color and has a sticker applied

The pilot project is designed for 10 automated parcel terminals to be installed in Rostov-on-Don. After testing, the network will be increased.