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Parcel lockers

  • Automated Parcel Lockers and Software for all types of businesses
  • Remote monitoring, personal account and API for integration
  • Standard and custom-designed equipment and software
  • Warranty, support, free system updates
  • Delivery, installation, integration adjustment, training
Parcel lockers
For any business area

Ready-made models and custom production
Turnkey supply offers

  • Ready-made models with integrated software
    Use ready-made compartments and more than 30 integrated options for payment and customer identification to solve your business tasks. Designed devices suit 90% of customers
  • Software, remote monitoring, integration, API
    Use already developed software solutions for automated parcel terminals, remote monitoring through your personal account, or order software upgrades according to your requirements specification. We will carry out integration with CRM, ERP, ACS and other programs. We will provide an API.
  • Custom production and fine tuning
    We can change the size and number of cells, overall dimensions of automated parcel terminals. Let's add any options you need for your project.
  • Coloring and branding
    Choose a color from the RAL catalog. We will make a turnkey sticker: we will develop a layout, print and paste over
  • Delivery, installation, training
    We offer worldwide delivery of automated parcel terminals. The equipment is easy to put into operation, but if you prefer to save your time, our employee will install, connect to the network, configure and train your staff to work with automated parcel terminal.
  • Warranty, support, updates
    Comprehensive user manuals, video tutorials on setting up and working with automated parcel terminals are available on our website so that you can always get relevant information. We provide consultations via video, WhatsApp, Telegram or phone. We provide a 12 month warranty. We update the software regularly and free of charge.

ESI PST for all types of businesses

  • Shops
    Automate the issuance of orders, customer service 24/7, without an operator. Accept payment if needed
  • Cafes, restaurants, dark kitchen
    Ditribute completed orders. Install the heating option up to 60 degrees and thermal insulation in the cells, and the client will receive a hot meal
  • Processing and repair of goods
    Automate the receipt and issue of goods for processing and repair. Get paid on delivery if needed
  • Shop-window
    Sell goods in ESI PST. Cells with a hole and backlight will help you present your products to the client
  • Storage
    Provide a paid or free storage service for visitors. Add a charger for extra income or order climate options for outdoor installation
  • Equipment distribution
    Issue equipment to employees with a detailed record of information. Add options to control the return of devices to the cell

How to choose an ESI PST automated parcel lockers?

PST CM control module
For correct operation, select the ESI PST control module from the catalog below
PST DM storage modules
To increase the number of cells in one automated parcel terminal, it is necessary to use dependent compartments - storage modules
Select the options required for your project. We have integrated various means of payment, displays of different diagonals, printers, barcode scanners, modems and other components into the equipment.
Full list of available options - in the description of the control compartments
We install the software necessary for your tasks. We have software for paid or free storage of goods, issuing orders from the online store with and without payment, receiving and issuing orders from repairs, controlled issuance of equipment to employees. For remote control of the automated parcel terminal, you need to use the ESI LK personal account, and for self-integration - ESI API.

Automated parcel terminal catalog

Software for automated
parcel terminals ESI PST

Software for automated parcel terminal
We have developed software to be installed on postamat.
Depending on the tasks of the client, our software can work in the following modes:
  • Issuance of paid orders
  • Acceptance of orders for repair / processing (for workshops or dry cleaners),
  • Issuance of completed documents Issue of orders with acceptance of payment
  • Controlled issuance of equipment with a record of information about the operation
  • Free or paid storage
  • Integration with ACS, CRM, ERP.
Price: Supplied free of charge with ESI PST.

Have a look at and interact with the automated parcel terminal software, as in reality, virtually - on your PC.
Download the program emulator that will be installed on your ESI PST.
    Download emulator software
    Remote control and monitoring
    For our clients, we have developed a personal account that allows you to:
    • Track the status of cells,
    • Open, lock and unlock cells,
    • Put the automated parcel terminal into blocking mode or reboot it,
    • Receive information about the current status of the automated parcel terminal: online or offline,
    • Take screenshots of the screen
    • Monitor real-time usage statistics,
    • Receive payment data in real time.
    Functions can be expanded depending on the customers needs.

    Price on request
    View demo


    ESI API - allows the company's clients to independently integrate the programs used in the enterprise with our system.
    View API

    Supply of automated parcel terminals
    ESI PST turnkey

    • Equipment
      We will make automated parcel terminals, we will include all the equipment necessary for solution of your business tasks.
    • Software
      We will install the software for management of automated parcel terminals, remote control and access.
    • Delivery
      We will send ready automated parcel terminals to any city, across Russia, the CIS and anywhere around the world.
    • Installation and setup
      The automated parcel terminal is easy to put into operation, for this we have developed clear video tutorials and text instructions. If you do not want to do the installation on your own, our specialists can do it for you
    • Training
      We will provide comprehensive instructions for working with automated parcel terminal and software. We will provide support by phone, video, or chat, or we will conduct face-to-face training.
    • Warranty
      We will provide warranty and post-warranty support. The warranty period is 12 months.

    Production on demand

    You may have unique tasks, and we can develop hardware and software to meet them.

    We can change the size and number of cells and compartments, add options for payment and customer identification.

    Leave a request and get a personal calculation.

    Express calculation of the project in 15 minutes

    Call back in 5 minutes
    Leave a request and we will call you back within 5 minutes
    We will discuss your project, understand your needs, answer your questions.
    Commercial offer in 10 minutes
    We will calculate the project and send you a quotation with prices and terms of implementation
    We will provide a portfolio, reviews and contacts of clients, a list of completed projects. We will answer questions by mail or WhatsApp
    Enter your details

    More than 50 completed projects on automated parcel terminals

      Leave a request
      Leave a request in order to get a detailed project calculation
      ESI manufactures and sells automated parcel terminals. Automated parcel terminals are devices that allow you to issue parcels or customer orders in automatic mode, without human intervention.

      Key features of ESI PST automated parcel terminals
      • Reliability and anti vandalism. Automated parcel terminals are made of metal, 1.5 mm thick, which gives the structure strength and resistance to breaking. Automated parcel terminals ESI PST is painted with powder paint, which protects the device from corrosion. Our customers have the choice of colors according to the RAL catalog.
      • Integration with customer software. Automated parcel terminal ESI PST can be connected to any program that has an API for data exchange, statistics.
      • User-friendly interface. Our experts have developed a user-friendly interface for working with automated parcel terminal. The end user can easily figure out how to receive a parcel due to the friendly (user-friendly) interface of the parcel terminal, and the owner of the automated parcel terminal will have access to statistics tools.
      • Custom development. We will perform the work based on your parameters: cell size, color, additional equipment.
      • Wide range of options. Various methods of receiving payment are available for installation in automated parcel terminal: coin acceptor, bill acceptor, bank terminal. It is also possible to install touch screens of different sizes, a printer for printing checks, speakers and backup power.
      • Remote control and management. Automated parcel terminal ESI PST can be controlled remotely through a personal account
      • No staff required. For the operation of the automated parcel terminal, permanent staff is not require
      • Modular design. Multiple storage bays can be connected to one control bay

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