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Automated parcel locker for receiving and issuing orders for dry-cleaning shoes

ESI produced a pilot project for the SneakNFresh chain of sneaker cleaners.
The first automated parcel locker was sent to Novosibirsk.

The work process is very simple:
  • To submit an order for cleaning, the client enters a phone number and puts things in the opened cell.
  • Automated parcel terminal sends a notification to the owner or operator by e-mail.
  • The message contains the number of the cell, the phone number of the client, the date and time of the order.
  • The operator contacts the client, discusses the composition and cost of services with him.
  • If the parties have agreed, the company provides services, accepts payment online and puts ready-made things in the automated parcel terminal. 
  • When placing the goods, the courier must enter the recipient's phone number, after which the automated parcel terminal itself will generate an access code for the cell and a QR code, after scanning of the respective QR code, the phone will insert the specified text with the PIN code and the recipient's number into the appropriate fields.
  • The courier will have to press the "Send message" button.
  • To pick up the order, the customer enters the phone number and PIN received in the message. 

Additional features:
  • Automatic sending of messages to the client about the readiness of the order and with an access PIN code, without sending SMS from the courier's phone.
  • Acceptance of payment in cash, non-cash and FPS. 
  • Video recording of the process of pawning and receiving things from the postamat.